Crying Often


This is one of my favorite quotes on grief. I am learning how to process major loss. Laughing when I can and crying often. I don’t know if time heals all wounds, but I do know that God does. Joy comes in the morning and though it still feels night to me I will rejoice and celebrate the small things.



Watch Battery

Today I went to get my watch battery changed. Everything about that store reminded me of my dad. The Mag Light Flashlights, the country music – not that he liked country music, he preferred ACDC – and the remote control helicopters for sale. My dad passed away two months ago yesterday. I miss him. It is the little things that remind me of him. He was the one who used to always change my watch batteries. Today I went to a battery and bulb shop to get my watch batteries replaced. I am not replacing my dad. I am pursuing and finding others to fulfill the role he was meant to fill. That is what I know to do. Xx