December Fourth

I wrote this December 4, 2013, and just found it.

The past week has been. It was a short week at school due to Thanksgiving break. We stayed up way to late because we decided to watch the entire series of Arrow. Then Lord Lucha was sick so he took off work. So I took off work to take care of him. I avoided my preach assignment. We celebrated Lord Lucha’s birthday.

I have definitely lived a life of shoulds. I am done with that. I will live in the moment of now.

Self hatred, self punishment
They really suck
Like thinking I can change me
By spending a buck

What if I don’t need to be changed
Simply renewed
Refined sugar is bad for you?
Raw being bruised

It has not been my best week of connecting
Rather running and avoiding
Trying to stay busy
With my head in here clouds

When the true cloud looks down
His face He wants to shine on me
He is not into punishing
Only connecting and going deep

What a good Father you are!
Teach me how to be right on par.

Lift up your countenance upon me
Reveal your delight again and again

I love, need and embrace you