Classic Minimalist

One area of life I would love to improve in is fashion. It is said that who you are speaks through what you wear. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and it seemed acceptable to go to the store in pajamas. Dressing up meant putting on a pair of hoop earrings and wearing some nice boots with your t-shirt and jeans. Of course dark jeans would look nicer than a light pair. There were three times a year when I would really go all out – Easter, Prom, and Christmas, with the exception of an occasional wedding. A lot of my friends would start tanning in tanning beds a couple months before prom. I would not tan in a tanning bed, but I would get a spray tan. Looking back now I realize orange glowing skin was a little bit excessive just to look great for one night. If I would have realized how beautiful I really was and learned to be comfortable in my own skin that would have shined through the most. Yet I embrace who I was and press on the be the best.
Then I moved to Australia where almost all of my friends had a natural fashion sense. I learned a lot there. Now I have begun my journey of dressing to reflect me. I asked a friend who is always beautifully dressed and she told me to start a new board on Pinterest and post things that I love, whether it was crazy, outrageous or plain. She challenged me not to stick to what looks comfortable. I made a board and started pinning. When I looked back over the board I realized that it all looked very similar. She had a look and described the style that I like as “Classic/Minimalist.” I have the privilege of going shopping with her next week so she can teach me a few things and show me some basics. I also came across a celebrity named Olivia Palermo. I like her sense of fashion and hope to glean from studying her a bit more. I added a couple pictures of her so you have an idea of what I am starting to love!

Lady Lucha

PS Maybe Lord Lucha will get on board and get some ideas from Palermo’s significant other…





The word that I had for this second year of school was relationship. I believe that included relationship with God, myself, Lord Lucha, and with others. Someone who I admire asked me if I have the community surrounding me that I want. The answer was no. I was not happy with myself and felt as if I had failed. She assured me that potentially failure would have been getting to the day of graduation and not having had that conversation. My challenge was to schedule in one to two hours a week that can be dedicated to investing in relationships and community. Now is the perfect time to make some new connections and to deepen and steward the connections I already have. God’s grace is readily available. I desire community because I know there is more available. There is strength and rejuvenation in healthy community.
May God open the doors of our hearts that can be wide open for the perfect connections to happen. May He shut the doors that need not be open any longer.

Seeking community and grace once more,

Lady Lucha Xx

Pictured bellow is a picture of our new mustache shower curtain. I am pleased with this purchase.


An Ideal Day

I am beginning to realize that my perfectly ideal day may include a couple of hours creating in the kitchen. Some other details of an ideal day might include not rushing to get anywhere, quality time with Lord Lucha, a run outside, and a hot caffeinated beverage of some kind. What does an ideal day look like for you?

Realizing what I love,
Lady Lucha Xx

Below is a picture of homemade chocolate chips that I concocted today.


My Heart

When I named this blog I wanted to name it something that covered a broad spectrum. Most blog writers suggest to find something specific and to target a specific audience. I still stand by the broad spectrum that the name can encompass. Yet when I named it, “From the Heart of Lady Lucha” I am unsure if I was even in touch with my heart at the time. I have been on a journey of finding what makes me come alive, discovering what truly makes the blood pump through my veins. I had always heard the phrase “follow your heart” yet for some reason I never believed I could. I did not really trust my heart. I was given permission to feel again, to trust my heart. For that opportunity I am very grateful. There is a tension. Some people are led by their emotions and ignore gentle leadings from Holy Spirit or truthful wisdom from the community surrounding them because they do not “feel” like it. I am not suggesting to have that type of behavior. I am inviting you to be fully alive, to allow light to consume every part of your life – present, past and future, and to allow yourself to be whole in every part of your being. As Solomon wrote in the book of Proverbs 4:23, “So above all, guard the affections of your heart for they affect all that you are, out of your innermost being flows the wellspring of life.
From my ❤️ Xx