Making History with God

We wrote a journal in class the other day and I wanted to share mine with you.
The question was, “What made a significant impact on your life in the first two weeks of second year?”
I think it was the second day of second year and a friend of mine posted a link to one of Bill’s teachings on making a history with God. I listened to the ten minute excerpt while I was preparing and eating oatmeal for breakfast before work. I realized while I was listening to it that making history with God and having deep intimacy with Him is truly the greatest desire of my heart for second year.
Then today Bill spoke about cities being saved and then he had us stand and pray. We ended up worshiping for an extended period of time. Then at the end Bill shared his heart about making a history with God. He said, “There is an unusual ability to make history with God over the next couple of months of school. There is an unusual grace to pour out the alabaster jar and linger long at His feet.”
Here are some points Bill made-
“History is made outside of convenience and expected and required.
History happens in the secret place.
Before you ever gains title you have place in His heart.”
He prayed for grace and capacity to know how and when to make history with God.
That is the most impactful thing I have experienced so far. I wanted to share this because if there is a grace available for me to make history with God, then it means the same grace is available to you.