From Weatherby to Loma Vista

As I lay here on the couch in the living room of our new home, Mr. Harper and Lord Lucha are playing League of Legends, Mrs. Harper is on Pinterest, and some of our friends are night kayaking. I am caught up on my two favorite fashion blogs – “Nothing Less than Chic” and “The Pink Thread” – and social networking has nothing entertaining to offer. Therefore I am taking one of my favorite Aunt’s suggestion to “blog again soon please.”
This week has been crazy, huge, and amazing! I got a new job. We found out my husband didn’t have a hernia. Lord Lucha got a new job. We packed. We worked. We moved. We cleaned. We helped other people move. I cleaned some more. I had the best latte of my life. The list goes on…
The two events that happened this week that I want to post about specifically are the events of Lord Lucha and I both receiving a new job. First I will talk about how I got my job. We were attending the movies with a few of our new friends. Before we went in to see the movie one of our friends told me that she would be stepping down from her current job and asked if I would be interested in filling her place. She explained her position to me and told me to think about it and said I could start as early as the beginning of June. The whole movie I was processing her proposition. When it was over I told her I was strongly interested and within the week I met the woman she worked for and I was hired on the spot. The amazing thing is that I wasn’t even looking for a new job. Lord Lucha’s story is even more crazy.
During the midst of moving I also cleaned an extra day due to a birthday party and as I was cleaning my boss said to me, “Hey, Erica, your phone has buzzed a few times you might want to check it.” I checked my phone and Lord Lucha had called me four times and a random number we had both been playing phone tag with had called me, as well. I called Lord Lucha back and he informed me that he missed his second year interview and that he had run forty-five minutes to the church to try and make it. He was really upset. Lord Lucha is not late to things and he never misses an appointment. We had planned for him to drop me at work earlier in the week so he could drive himself to his appointment and typically I am the one to remember appointments. Unfortunately due to the craziness of the week we both forgot. (He emailed them, had his interview rescheduled, and has since been accepted to second year!)
I left work and gave Lord Lucha a quick ride home. During the trip I discovered that the random number had called him, too, and he called them back. They called him back again while he was unable to answer his phone. I dropped him off and called the number on my way back to work and left a message. I was cleaning the bathroom mirror and then I realized I should have my phone on ring just in case. As I went to turn my phone up Lord Lucha was calling me so I answered and he told me that the person who kept calling us was the owner of Baskin Robbins. He had previously applied to work there. The owner told him she no longer had any positions available, but she had a friend who owned a gas station who was hiring. The owner of Baskin Robbins told him to come to get the information of the gas station and that she would recommend him to her friend. Long story shorter, Lord Lucha had an impromptu interview in the gas station parking lot, was hired on the spot and started training the next day.
In the midst of our move from Weatherby to Loma Vista there were a lot of events some were predictable and some from left field. Through all of it the words my heart kept singing to God were, “You always come through.” He really does always come through. Here’s to a new season and new beginnings!

Yours truly,

Lady Lucha