From the Heart of Lady Lucha

One of my dear friends asked me twice this week when I was going to start blogging. The first time his question was in passing and did not demand a response, yet it did get me thinking. I wondered what I would blog about. I have researched blogging quite a bit. Most successful bloggers have a specific topic to blog about. There are many things I am passionate about including food, health, God, family, and I could not see myself focusing on one main thing. I knew that the name of the blog is a serious thing, as well. At one point I thought of naming the blog “From the Heart of an Okie” then I decided that might not work. The reason why I chose to name my blog “From the Heart of Lady Lucha” is because it is general and not too specific. I can write from my heart.

My dear friend asked me a second time and this time I had to respond. I told him I was not sure and that I did not even know what I would write about. He said that he looked forward to reading my blog whenever that time came. Then I spoke to one of my best friends, who is currently visiting, about the whole ordeal. I told her I did not know what I would write about. She reminded me of some of our favorite video bloggers (BF vs GF) and how people take ten minutes of their days to catch up on their lives. They literally video tape their daily lives and people love it. I decided this blogging thing could work. I was laying down to take a nap and as I was drifting off I decided I would blog.

This week has been interesting and hard. My husband, whom I will refer to as Lord Lucha, got a hernia this week. Due to the stress of an emergency run to the doctor and the potential of surgery I nearly passed out and vomited in the exam room. Thankfully he should heal naturally and surgery is not currently needed. He is on probation from pretty much any physical work for four weeks. We do want to get a second opinion, but that is besides the point. Unfortunately we do not currently have health insurance and, unbeknownst to us until this morning, Lord Lucha’s travel insurance expired two weeks ago. Financial stress weighed pretty heavy on me this morning.

Then we had church. I did not stand for most of worship which is out of character for me. The good thing is that even though I was sitting down and having an emotional dialogue with God, it was still a form of worship. Everything we do can be worship to God if we allow it to be. He showed me how I was behaving out of orphan thinking. Andres and I have a savings account in Australia. We will pay for second year of school from it and then if we will have to pay for a surgery for Andres, it would pretty much be depleted. Comfort and safety of having a savings just in case would then be gone. Even the thought of that sent me into an emotional frenzy. I recognized that was wrong thinking. God then showed me my heavenly bank account balance. The zeroes had no end (1,000,000,000,000…). He insinuated that I should behave like that is what my bank account balance says. In a practical way I kicked fear in the face by giving extra in the offering today.

Is nothing making sense in your life? God will make sense of it. Are you having impending, potentially huge expenses? Give more. Do you want to write a book someday? Start blogging. Signing off for now.

Yours Truly,

Lady Lucha